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So...the reader will eventually sympathize with your character because her parents died from the same thing Yami is dealing with in your story. Plus, he ends up having a crush on your character.

Yeah, this story is going downhill alright.
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azureshipping - back to back

Nicknames and poor Jounouchi

Okay, this REALLY irritates me for some reason whenever I see it. Maybe it's because I've actually studied a lot of Japanese (am currently *IN* Japan studying, actually), or because my mom's family is from New York, where the name "Joey" is commonplace.

But when you're writing about Anzu, Yuugi, Honda, and Jounouchi... don't call Jounouchi "Jou." Japanese nicknames DO NOT WORK THAT WAY. You do not shorten someone's FAMILY name to make it easier to refer to them.

On names, honorifics, and other interesting thingsCollapse )

In summary, JOUNOUCHI IS JOUNOUCHI, NOT JOU/JOE/JOEY. If you are dealing with the dub, feel free to shorten JOEY into JOE.
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This is something I've noticed recently, especially in the Yuugiou fandom. I've noticed it happen in Yuugiou!RPs, and well, I just saw it happen to THIS community, so I'm thinking it's relevant. :D;;

I definently want to sock someone in the face when I see them ripping off a community idea JUST because they don't get to do everything they want. Some people really need to put on their big girl panties™ and get over it. All right, the moderator doesn't like a person breaking the rules...so they go and make a rather blatant ripoff where they can run things and show how FAWESOME!11 they are.

Honestly, some people should just grow up. And no, I'm not naming names. IT'S AGAINST THE RULES, WHICH I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH.
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Mod Wanted


I'm actually getting ready to delete the account setine_kitsune and I'm in need of one more mod to take my place. Hopefully, please spend a lot more time than I have on this place (though most of you - all of you - are fantastic). Just let me know if you want to, and I would love to add you.


I'm sorry, what was that?

Random Japanese in a story is, I'm sorry to tell all you fictionists, the opposite of cool.

While you may all be very proud that you know how to write the word "gomen" doesn't mean you get to use it all the time -_-

If they live in Japan, and they're talking, you'd assume that they're actually speaking Japanese. Adding random japanese words and you're thinking "Why are they only speaking japanese sometime and english the rest of the time, when they're in Japan." Not to mention YaY if you're studying Japanese but not all of us speak the lingo. So in the middle of a story people unable to understand get completely thrown off track wondering just what the heck he just said.

And if you're gonna be bad enough to use Japanese, for the love of all things use the right word and SPELL IT RIGHT!

The other point to make to all you "cool cats" who think that after you say something it is important for you and your "yami" to interrupt and make some "important" comment. That's not cool.

Yami was dressed in hot leather pants with lots of buckles that were silver (Generic: OMG! SO HOT! *drools* come on! you're with me right?!?! That's hot! GenericYami: Shut up and write the story more! Generic: oh right, sorry GenericYami *sleepish smile*)

Not cool.

That is very disruptive to what little flow of this stream of words you call your "fiction" has. It's like trying to read something with someone popping up at the corner of your vision screaming "PLEASE FLASH FRY MEEEEEEEE!!".

And for the record - people don't rofl. rofl isn't a descriptive word and if you're gonna use it, at least spell it right!!! What's wrong with you?!?!
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Alright, this is something that's been pissing me off for a while.

Now, I get that everyone can't be expected to be original (or semi-original) in their fanfiction, especially since it's FANFICTION...but am I the only one who is starting to get severely annoyed with people ripping off video game/movie plots in their fanfiction?

I generally avoid Yuugiou fanfiction, because looking at it tends to make me want to gouge out my eyes (it doesn't ALL suck, mind you, just most of what's on FFnet)...and yeah. I decided to browse today. BAD IDEA, CAITY.

If I see one more Devil May Cry ripoff, I'm going to eat someone's placenta. Seto is NOT Dante. I could go on a rant about each character and their phenomenal differences, but I doubt that would make any difference to the asenine authors who continue to write it. I'm sure that this could possibly be done well, but I've yet to see it.

I know it's probably the most hypocritical statement ever to encourage people to get original ideas for their fanfiction, but...still. Plot recycling annoys me to no end. X_x; *hit*
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Hello, long-time lurker here who's a bit annoyed with certain fandom things at present.

One issue is the treatment of Shizuka and Kisara. I know livejournal and parts of fanfiction.net respect the characters and can write them well. But everytime I see a makeover!fic, in which Shizuka or Kisara get a personality transplant because they were OMGSOWEAK!11 before, my blood pressure rises. What's wrong with being a quiet girl? Just because Shizuka and Kisara aren't as extroverted as Mana or Anzu doesn't mean that they are weak girls. Kisara and Shizuka have their own streght-it's just of the quieter variety. Shizuka isn't a fragile little flower, so the suggestion that she needs to become "sassy" in order to gain the affection of Seto Kaiba or whomever is annoying. Honda and Otogi certainly seemed to have no problem crushing on her, at any rate.

If Shizuka is going to change, at least make it believable. Her being assertive and standing up to people isn't hard to imagine-heck, it's canon! She's not going to turn into a combat boot wearing girl who swears like a sailor overnight. She doesn't need to in order to be interesting because then it's not Shizuka-she's a random Sue.

And also? Shizuka and Kisara are not the same person, although I find them both adorable (and secretly ship them-how's that for crack? . I'm not saying everyone has to like them, obviously, but at least they could stop bashing them and doing a complete 180 on their chracters.

Sorry if this wasn't articulated very well. Time to go to bed, I think. :)


I have a question. If you really want to write Jounouchi or Yuugi as females, why not either choose Mai or ... a girl that looks like Yuugi. Are the female characters not good enough for you? Really? I think that there are also female characters on the show. Show them some love too.


If you want to see someone in a wedding dress, let it be one of the girls; Atemu is not an effing cross dresser. @_#

The girls in Yuugiou don't get nearly as much love as the guys do. :3

It's fine in humor stuff, and parodies, no really, it is; but don't do it to an extent that you take it seriously; and do not change genders to benefit your needs.

Even his fashion sense screams, "Look at me! I'm a male!"

Random topic switch: (just slightly)

And mpreg is a whole other rant in itself. :3
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