Generic Hero (generic_hero) wrote in ygo_rants,
Generic Hero

Dear story that looked promising a moment ago,

Go die. Honestly. I haven't found anything in the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom worth reading in over a week, and then I see something that looks promising. And I open, and I see an author rambling at a canon character in the A/N. But I can tolerate that, sometimes it's almost something remotely resembling funny. And I see many very long paragraphs. So then, I think, "Hey, lots of description, that's good." No. I was wrong. There was almost no description. Instead, there was mutliple character dialogue in the same paragraph, and very OOC dialogue at that. The spelling is bad, the grammar is worse, the plot is non-existant, but at a first glance it all looks very, very good. Oh, you're clever, badfic. Very clever.

So I look back at the "witty" banter I skipped, and I notice the line "Everyone is OOC." And I hit the back button.

I should have realized when you fell into the all-too-inescapable trap of describing Kaiba by the generic tag CEO in the summary and thinking it added a touch of mystery.

No love,
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