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Dear YGO fans,

Edit: sorry for disorder thing. Anyways, italic quotes were from the same person. And I'm so angry on him/her, that is why I posted harsh.
Dub version VS JPN version names

You have right to snark on someone who spells their favorite characters' name wrong. But not on the ones use other version names.

Ex: Yuugiou is reading of Kanji Yugioh logo. Like this: 遊戯王  (don't know it'll appear or not. If not I'm sorry. I never post Japanese on LJ before.) 

Jyonouchi/Jyounouchi is another way of spelling in romaji. It's just like the way you spell color and colour in English.

You spell [insert JPN version name here] wrong. It's spelled [insert dub version name here]. I'm so sure it's right. I have [insert dub manga/novel/anime version here] as proof.
How about a NO? Stop freaking out about reviewers or writers using JPN version names you don't know. Ask them or research on fansites, most of them have both versions on.

I use dub version because I'm American.
Right and wrong. Yes, you can use any version you like. But it doesn't mean you can ignore existence of JPN version names. Reminder, Yugioh is Japanese's creation. It's copyright of Mr.Takahashi's (mostly I prefer him as Takahashi-sensei) you always put on disclaimer. And he is Japanese. Please do respect on the way he named and called his characters.

Reviewers should use the same version as writers.
How about a NO? Reviewers also have their right on using whatever version they like.

Another names using rant:

You can use any version names you like but please not mix them. It's weird but I saw Jou Wheeler and Shizuka Wheeler posted on ff.net.
Jou is short version of Jounouchi, his Japanese lastname/surname. Not from Joey or Josept (I think I spell this one wrong. Sorry, I don't use this one much.) And Shizuka is Japanese name too.

Please use either version for awhole fic. Ex: not use Joey for first chapter then Jou/Jounouchi on the second.

All Japanese Yugioh characters are called/prefered by their lastname/surname, except for Yuugi/Yugi, Anzu, Mokuba and Shizuka.
Mokuba and Shizuka call their brother as niichan/oniichan/niisama/oniisama or big brother or their firstname like Japanese prefer their siblings.
So there is no Mr.Ryuuji who is Otogi Ryuuji's father.

OCs naming is also depend on which version you use. If you use JPN version name and character is also Japanese, using Japanese name is more sense. And please, Japanese don't have middle name, do not add them. It's freaking me out.

Ha! Another long rant again :p
Love (yes love),
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