lucidscreamer (lucidscreamer) wrote in ygo_rants,

Nebma'at-re =/= "love"

"Sekheth, neb ma'atra, where could you be?" [2]

[2] Neb ma'atra...this would be the Egyptian word for 'beloved'. Now, if this is Ancient Egyptian or the modern one, I can't tell... That's because I don't know Uuurgh, sorry for being such an intellectually-challenged moron

Apology not accepted. You picked this up from the other ICM's fic, didn't you? And, like a typical "authoress," eschewed doing any research of your own in favor of following the first moron like a little sheep. Baaaaa. ::headdesk::

So, there you have it. According to the fanbrats, Amenhotep III is love. Who knew?
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