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Yuugiou Rants
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Monday, May 8th, 2006

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...Dear quick tempered authoress/author,

I have no problem with Gozaburo being alive again, and both him and Seto don't know each other, evenif I think the idea is a bit cliched. I have no problem with you using the movie Tremors for Yuugiou and turning your fic AU. But seriously, when you literally use some of the exact lines from the movie, name your fic Tremors, and it's poorly written, then there's a problem.

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Authors warning!
Attention for all Authors

The girl who uses penname Seto's Darkness is back.

About a year ago I, my fellow group members and my friends caught her plagiarized my friends' fics.
I also caught her copied fic from Digimon section, changed character names then posted it as YGO fic. Her fic and the original were similar word by word, except for character names.

I e-mailed her that and she posted this rant on her site.

2 months later, she posted comment on her profile that she got permission from the authoress of the fic she copied. (Well it'd already been taken down.)
Also fic that copied from my friend again (another one from those I mentioned above.) I alerted my friends and authoress then she got reported and flames. But ff.net still not ban her account.

Now she is back and moves to Naruto section. Well if you check on her fics and find out they look familiar, please report her. We can't let her away with that.

Anyway it's not for only Naruto authors to beware since she can adapt Digimon fic to YGO fic.

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