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Yuugiou Rants
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Sunday, June 18th, 2006

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Stop! Mod Time.

It has come to my attention that there was an incident earlier regarding a community and that this one was linked as the source of all the trouble.

Here's the deal; I don't really care who was right and who was wrong. Really. I could care less if it was a deep philosphical debate. However, don't bring ygo_rants into it. If you rant, don't mention a community unless you're pimping it - and if you are pimping, it better be related to Yuugiou or the OP will be on notice. Stephen Colbert style.

If you have to make a reference, use it in a summary. Don't go pitting fights. See, notice how I didn't use the community and the rant in question in the post? Don't. If fanficrants has taught us anything, that there is wank. So, for now on - if you, the original poster make a post and it gets wank. Deal with it. If you delete that post, and one of the mods catches it you'll be on notice. Grow a pair really. Don't freeze a thread because you're 'losing' deal with it.

ygo_rants is not the place to whine, complain, or bitch at a community because of whatever reason. And, if I or the mods see this going on. Oh my god, I will spaZZ (just like Manjyome upon hearing his dub name). And for gods sake, read the goddamn entry/community in question so that I don't have to choke a bitch. Really, I'd like to consider members as those who deserve respect; don't be stupid and start a war. Both of you.

And, as my finale;
I will jump into a corner.
*is shot because of Blackadder references*

Your Mod, setine_kitsune

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