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Yuugiou Rants
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Monday, September 4th, 2006

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Hello, long-time lurker here who's a bit annoyed with certain fandom things at present.

One issue is the treatment of Shizuka and Kisara. I know livejournal and parts of fanfiction.net respect the characters and can write them well. But everytime I see a makeover!fic, in which Shizuka or Kisara get a personality transplant because they were OMGSOWEAK!11 before, my blood pressure rises. What's wrong with being a quiet girl? Just because Shizuka and Kisara aren't as extroverted as Mana or Anzu doesn't mean that they are weak girls. Kisara and Shizuka have their own streght-it's just of the quieter variety. Shizuka isn't a fragile little flower, so the suggestion that she needs to become "sassy" in order to gain the affection of Seto Kaiba or whomever is annoying. Honda and Otogi certainly seemed to have no problem crushing on her, at any rate.

If Shizuka is going to change, at least make it believable. Her being assertive and standing up to people isn't hard to imagine-heck, it's canon! She's not going to turn into a combat boot wearing girl who swears like a sailor overnight. She doesn't need to in order to be interesting because then it's not Shizuka-she's a random Sue.

And also? Shizuka and Kisara are not the same person, although I find them both adorable (and secretly ship them-how's that for crack? . I'm not saying everyone has to like them, obviously, but at least they could stop bashing them and doing a complete 180 on their chracters.

Sorry if this wasn't articulated very well. Time to go to bed, I think. :)

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