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Yuugiou Rants
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Friday, October 27th, 2006

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I'm sorry, what was that?
Random Japanese in a story is, I'm sorry to tell all you fictionists, the opposite of cool.

While you may all be very proud that you know how to write the word "gomen" doesn't mean you get to use it all the time -_-

If they live in Japan, and they're talking, you'd assume that they're actually speaking Japanese. Adding random japanese words and you're thinking "Why are they only speaking japanese sometime and english the rest of the time, when they're in Japan." Not to mention YaY if you're studying Japanese but not all of us speak the lingo. So in the middle of a story people unable to understand get completely thrown off track wondering just what the heck he just said.

And if you're gonna be bad enough to use Japanese, for the love of all things use the right word and SPELL IT RIGHT!

The other point to make to all you "cool cats" who think that after you say something it is important for you and your "yami" to interrupt and make some "important" comment. That's not cool.

Yami was dressed in hot leather pants with lots of buckles that were silver (Generic: OMG! SO HOT! *drools* come on! you're with me right?!?! That's hot! GenericYami: Shut up and write the story more! Generic: oh right, sorry GenericYami *sleepish smile*)

Not cool.

That is very disruptive to what little flow of this stream of words you call your "fiction" has. It's like trying to read something with someone popping up at the corner of your vision screaming "PLEASE FLASH FRY MEEEEEEEE!!".

And for the record - people don't rofl. rofl isn't a descriptive word and if you're gonna use it, at least spell it right!!! What's wrong with you?!?!

Current Mood: aggravated

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