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Yuugiou Rants
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Friday, November 10th, 2006

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Nicknames and poor Jounouchi
Okay, this REALLY irritates me for some reason whenever I see it. Maybe it's because I've actually studied a lot of Japanese (am currently *IN* Japan studying, actually), or because my mom's family is from New York, where the name "Joey" is commonplace.

But when you're writing about Anzu, Yuugi, Honda, and Jounouchi... don't call Jounouchi "Jou." Japanese nicknames DO NOT WORK THAT WAY. You do not shorten someone's FAMILY name to make it easier to refer to them.

On names, honorifics, and other interesting thingsCollapse )

In summary, JOUNOUCHI IS JOUNOUCHI, NOT JOU/JOE/JOEY. If you are dealing with the dub, feel free to shorten JOEY into JOE.

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