Yuugiou Rants

Because, it just had to be done

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Tired of Abuse!Bakura fics?
Tired of "I love you Seto, even though I've known you for only three sentences"?
Just want to yell at the Yuugiou fandom sometimes? This is your place! Consider it like fanficrants, but just for Yuugiou.

THIS IS A RANTING COMMUNITY. ygo_drabble is for drabble works. If you feel that you want critique that is always welcome because it has to do with improvement of fanfiction and we can discuss it.

However, REQUESTS are saved for your drabble needs.


READ: Therefore when the situation arises I can shove this in your face.

Your Mods:

  • pentacle_fate
  • bioplague
  • setine_kitsune - Founder / Lazyass

    Thirdly, ygo_drabble for all your elitist drabble works. Post something there.

    With that said, fire away.

    Rules: (So Far)

    1) Please keep things on topic about Yu-Gi-Oh! and not another anime, as much as it may be pleasing to you, but there are communities in which you can rant about. Thank you (pentacle_fate)

    2) Don't name names. If Jim over there is doing something stupid, don't post their journal/name/home address for everyone to see. That would just cause pointless wank and hate mail. (bioplague)

    3)Coherent rants. That is, if you have something to complain about, make sure it doesn't look like something that the l33t5p34k generator shat out. If your rant looks like the thing you're ranting ABOUT, you look stupid. (the_sweet)

    4)Rant about what *hasn't* been ranted before. Unless you have a glowing, prime example of something that's utterly rant-worthy, why rehash what we've all already heard before (on ygo_rants)? This is especially true when something's been ranted about, and within the next week, the same thing comes up.
    -_-; That's what the Archives/Memories are for. (the_sweet)

    5) No trolling. Or sockpuppets. Or any of that. (the_sweet)

    6) Don't be an asshole. You'll be fandom wanked, and we'll mock you. Really we will. We shall gain such enjoyment from it.

    Hot Button Issues:


    Seriously, if you want to troll, please head over to ygo_troll. They'll be happy to satisfy your wanking needs.
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